Madam Seeb

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Ďalší aeonyx :3

Seeb was always surrounded by luxury and was always well known in the society, living a careless lifestyle. This changed when she got a rare disease which caused repeated loss of energy when she was in higher dimensions (and corrosion of body when in lower dimensions). This also reflects in her physical form, where you can see purple scars on her chest. Many experts tried to save her, but nothing worked. Then, when she was wandering in the 3D dimension, she met Charanad. He showed her how he uses energy from lower dimensions to heal himself and his companions. He then tought her how to harvest the energy herself. In exchange, Seeb tried to teach him how to travel to higher dimensions, but so far, he hasn't been succesful. Seeb started to harvest energy from lower dimensions and she started to get better. However, she has to continue doing this to remain healthy. To some civilizations, she has become the god of death, because when she harvested energy of a creature, the creature died and when some people returned from the dead, they described what they've seen as an orange female with a skirt. The civilizations created lots of tales about her, most of them being untrue. Seeb has never destroyed any world by doing this, she has mamy sources so she doesn't damage the worlds.



1 4kocour4 4kocour4 | 15. května 2017 v 23:21 | Reagovat

Looks weirdly familiar...Why she´s in da circle again?

Terrbile music btw...

Headbutt...Literaly xD

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